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FAKRO is a manufacturer of a wide range of products which guarantee safety and comfort of living on the attic floor, namely:

  • Mansard windows of various design and ways of opening: rotary, deflected-rotary, eaves and roof openings.
  • Accessories to mansard dormer windows: shutters, curtains, indoor and outdoor roller pack, exterior marquise, electrical control systems for windows and accessories.

FAKRO Company manufactures the following range of products to furnish living mansards and attic floors:

  • wood and plastic medium-rotary mansard dormer windows;
  • wood and plastic mansard dormer windows with combined opening system;
  • wood mansard windows with wing elevated pivot axis;
  • wood double-sash windows;
  • wood eaves gutter windows;
  • windows-hatches;
  • exterior and interior accessories to mansard dormer windows (blinds, shutters, shades, roller storm sashes)
  • mansard dormer windows automated control systems;
  • mansard dormer windows insulation sets;
  • attic floor stairs;
  • damp-proof and vapor barrier materials.
г. Киев, ул. Чадаева, 2-Б
+38 (044) 360-22-25