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The main role of gutter systems is to receive and withdraw atmospheric fallout running off the roof slopes. Thanks to water gutters it is possible to avoid damage of decorative covering of constructions and buildings facades and walls. At this the danger of water penetration inside ground floors is reduced and service life of foundation constructions is significantly improved. They protect exterior walls and basement from water and the foundation from excessive moisture. Thanks to gutter water is collected and directed into one place and the building is protected from early damaging. Moreover gutter systems can serve as decorative element underlining roof-to-wall, fronton to façade transition. Such a building will look stylish and elegant.

The main reason in favor of metal water gutters is their exclusive durability. Steel elements are fabricated and assembled in the way to withstand constant loads related to snow and ice weight plus heavy winds which are common in winter. Metal water drains are constantly in contact with water and they need reliable protection from corrosion. The most economical decision is water gutters from galvanized steel.

Polymeric coating provides complete steel water insulation that’s why metal water gutters with pural or polyester coating are practically corrosion-proof. Through practice experience coating is rather reliable. It is not damaged during snow slush descent and ice layer formation. Service life of steel water gutters with polymeric coating is up to 50-60 years. The coating is not destructed in the anger of temperatures from -60 to + 150 degrees, is not chipped and does not loose color brightness under ultraviolet.

Rectangular cross-section copper water gutters are fabricated using the same technology as for metal gutters. Service life of copper water gutters is about 100 years.

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