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Fabrication of domes is a hardworking job. Domes are fabricated using different methods, i.e. dome roofing with ready-made material directly on the roof, dome roofing on the ground with the following installation on-site, dome roofing with stainless steel with later coating by titanium nitride and installation on-site. Domes are usually covered with roofing tile, rarely with standing seam roofing.

Dome shape has a symbolic meaning. Helmet looking shape resembles host, spiritual battle of Church with satanic hosts and powers of darkness. The form of onion is the symbol of candle flame directing us to the Christ’s words: «You are the Light of the world».

There are a great number of domes types and kinds. They can be circular, octal, in the shape of semi-sphere, onion, and candle flame. We have selected several basic sizes and kinds of domes fabrication which have been put on streamlined production flow. Conveyor production of domes enabled to reduce production cost and speed up domes fabrication process.


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