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Flashing is the most frequently used element in construction. It adds to window-ledges, wall piers, parapets and other architectural elements of the building good-looking and well-rounded outlook. But the main function of flashings is to protect architectural elements of the building and façade from wetting and destruction.

Flashings are manufactured using rolling and bending machine-tools in our production area. Window ledges, flashings, and water drips are fabricated from the same material as roofing excluding rare cases. It is very important to install flashing correctly otherwise it does not perform its function. There are two methods of flashings (water drips) installation, one with upturn and another without upturn. In the second case flashing is installed into cutting grooves of the wall and sealed with polyurethane sealant.

Variety of architectural solutions in construction of buildings makes it sometimes impossible to use standard flashings on complicated roof coverings and facades. One of the most complicated façade elements is radius flashing. The specialty of this detail is that it is impossible to make it using bending machine only and manually-made radius flashings look absurd and sometimes spoil façade exterior. Our specialists have developed a unique industrial method of radius and circular flashings fabrication. Radius flashing is manufactured of galvanized steel with polyester coating or copper. Bending radius can be any shape. Flashing length can reach 4 meters.

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Подоконники, отливы, парапеты.
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